Embrace UK’s Most Eco-Friendly Skincare Range Skin Academy Zero

Embrace UK’s Most Eco-Friendly Skincare Range Skin Academy Zero

By Zuzana Richie from Belle About Town

I don’t want to alarm you but winter is coming, and I find myself yet again hunting for skincare products with strong hydrating and nourishing powers. Of course, in London I am too spoilt for choice. Myriad of luxury down to purse-friendly skincare ranges are beautifully arranged on the immaculate shelves of the beauty shops. However, this season I wish to tick more boxes when making beauty products purchases. 

Is it too much to ask for a skincare range to be 100% natural, 100% recyclable in 100% recycled packaging, sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly and vegan? It is not because Skin Academy has just launched the UK’s most eco-friendly beauty range, Skin Academy Zero, and Belle About Town popped to its exclusive preview night to mingle with other ‘conscious beauty’ enthusiasts while eating several scoops of sinfully delicious vegan chocolate ice cream.

The clue is in the ‘zero’. Skin Academy Zero skincare range has Zero SLES (Sodium laureth sulfate), Zero Parabens, Zero animal products/by-products/testing, Zero artificial formulations and Zero synthetic ingredients. 

NPD Manager for Skin Academy, Holly Wagman who is behind this pioneering launch says: ‘The concept comes from extensive research into the sustainable beauty industry, which we found to be practically non-existent.  The formulation has taken us years to perfect but we are thrilled with the results of Zero. We are bringing to the market the ultimate nourishing and deeply hydrating formula packed with 100% natural and sustainably sourced actives, all packaged in reusable, recyclable tubes made from sugar cane ethanol and cardboard boxes. Our intention was to create a stand out range that allows consumers the luxury of natural, premium skincare at affordable prices, without damaging the environment.’

The ‘first mass-market’ and affordable Skin Academy Zero skincare range includes: Day cream, Night cream, Eye cream, Facial scrub, Facial wash and Hand cream

Belle About Town’s Zuzana Ritchie at the launch with NPD Manager for Skin Academy, Holly Wagman

I put them to the test and set them against my sensitive skin. Face Wash enriched with Coconut Oil and Sacha Inchi Oil did not leave my skin too tight. Check! I followed by the gentle Face Scrub enriched with Sweet Almond Oil which left my skin feeling soft. Next up, with their subtle but lovely scent were the ‘Zero’ Day Cream, the Eye Cream and the Hand Cream, all enriched with Shea Butter and Coconut Oil. They did not disappoint, my face and hands felt deeply moisturised for hours, even with the heating on, which always dries my skin. Verdict? Yes, please!

The innovation sets a new environmental standard in the beauty industry, creating a product range which champions green, ethical practices in how the products are made and how they are packaged and without compromising on the quality and benefits to the skin. 

Skin Academy’s Holly Wagman adds: ‘We can help customers make the conscious choice to drive sustainable skincare and protect our planet at the same time.’

In the spirit of a hashtag from the Skin Academy Zero launch  ‘Your Skin, Your Planet’ we can indeed care for both at the same time, can’t we?