by Nika Shakhnazarova

Wanting a cruelty-free and vegan skincare range is becoming more and more common in this day and age. I personally find myself wanting the best possible formulas on my face and neck without it being tested on animals beforehand. 

Skin Academy’s newest venture – ZERO – has launched a sustainable skincare brand which is fully vegan and cruelty free, all while using recycled packaging. Their products contain plant derived preservatives, all while maintaining the importance of conserving our environment. And best of all, these products will not break the bank – they’re totally affordable! 

All Skin Academy Zero tubes are made from sugarcane ethanol, retail boxes from partially recycled cardboard and the caps, jars and lids are all full recyclable. 

The new range consists of six key skincare products that are guaranteed to leave your skin feeling nourished and happy. 

ZERO’s hand and nail cream is rich in its formula but not greasy – it’s infused with shea butter and sweet almond oil – which leaves the skin hydrated. Although there is no key fragrance in ZERO’s products, the subtle scent is plant derived. 

Eye cream has been one of the fastest growing skincare products in the recent years, and Skin Academy has launched a fully vega eye cream that glides on easily and leaves your skin moisturised, no matter how sensitive or delicate it is. The product is sustainably sourced from palm oil/palm oil derivatives. 

But what is moisturising without the occasional exfoliation session? Skin Academy’s new face scrub is enriched with sacha inchi oil and sweet almond oil, this scrub helps to deeply moisturise and hydrate the skin whilst Apricot Seeds help to remove dead skin cells, leaving skin soft and nourished. This scrub is suitable to use weekly to gently exfoliate the face. 

Daily face wash is also a must – as there is no better way to start the day than cleaning your skin properly with natural ingredients. ZERO’s face wash is enriched with coconut oil and sacha inchi oil, this cleansing wash is perfect for daily use. 

To apply properly, use a small palm size amount of facial wash on to hands and rub together before applying to wet face. Gently massage the face wash into the skin until a slightly thicker emulsion is formed. Rinse well with water using a clean hot cloth or hands. And voila! 

Used in product image to show what the day cream looks like

After a long day of whatever you were busy with, its best to go to sleep after applying night cream – something Skin Academy has also covered in their launch. This classic product is enriched with green tea extract, sacha inchi oil and sweet almond oil. green tea extract helps to soothe skin and prevent redness whilst sacha inchi oil aids hydration without clogging pores. Sweet almond oil contains Vitamin E and helps to keep skin looking smooth and feeling soft. 

ZERO’s final product works perfectly in tandem with the night cream – the day cream! Infused with shea butter and coconut oil, your day is guaranteed to get better after your skin is left feeling nourished and smooth all day long.