Review: Zero Skincare Range

Review: Zero Skincare Range

I love the range! Overall it’s a great set of products and, so far, I have used the day cream, night cream, eye cream, face wash and exfoliator.

The face wash and exfoliator are generally lovely. A little thinner in consistency than I’m used to, but nothing I couldn’t get used to and it is just a slightly different texture. The exfoliator was a more pronounced texture difference than I’m used to, but the lack of micro plastics made for a welcome change and one I’d welcome moving forward – it’s so difficult to find environmentally friendly exfoliators at a reasonable price.

The two moisturisers are great; the textures are lovely and thick, they absorb really well and (so far) I haven’t had any adverse reactions/breakouts. The smell took a bit of getting used to (it’s a little like a citronella candle initially…), but it hasn’t stopped me from using them for the past week or so.

My favourite product in the range has to be the eye cream! It also absorbs really well and a little goes a long way. I’m not sure if it’s making much difference to the puffiness / bags under my eyes, but nobody has commented on how tired I look, which I’ll take for a win!

The products themselves are lovely and I’m enjoying using them, but the unique selling point has to be the fact that they are 100% natural and free from rubbish. As someone who has previously bought skincare from Lush (and paid more than the national debt for it!) because of the perceived benefits of using all-natural products, I was shocked to learn that the Zero range is the only completely natural product range on the UK market…! Definitely an additional key feature of a great product range!

Overall, the packaging from the range gives a high-end look and feel to the product and adds to the overall experience of using it. The glass and bamboo packaging for the moisturisers gives a high-end look to the product, which adds to the overall aesthetic of the range. Additionally, the matt-laminated effect on the tubes is akin to the type of packaging utilised by premium brands including Apple, which supports the high-end perception this packaging and its artwork creates. 

Lizzie Craig

Senior Marketing Executive